Route Planning and Scheduling

Putting Artificial Intellegence to Work

The Work That Needs To Be Done

Map with stops before route planning and scheduling

The Process

When creating a daily work plan, most route planners will state that planned routes that do not cross are considered 'good' routes.

But there are other considerations.

  • The road network is not the same in all parts of a delivery area. Routes may cross because many of the routes will use the same major roads.
  • Not all stops may be made in the optimal order. Customer requirements may dictate that stops that are very close have to be done early or late in the day.
  • Physical requirements have to be considered. If a vehicle is used for both deliveries and pickups, a large pickup cannot be made if the vehicle is already full before making deliveries.
  • Customers may have other requirements. For example, a customer without a loading dock may require a vehicle with a lift gate. But if you have only a limited number of vehicles like this, that vehicle might have to planned with a less than optimal route.

The Work Assigned and Scheduled

Map with stops after route planning and scheduling