Who Do We Serve?

A Look At Organizations That Have Needed Route Planning, Scheduling and Dispatching

Since 1989, the Walzik team has been providing software solutions to increase efficiency and reduce costs. Here are some of the types of customers where we have provided solutions over the years.

Appliance Repair

Appliance technican in kitchen

A major provider of appliance repair needed an application to schedule techician in major cities across the country. The requirements were to minimize the time needed to plan the routes, drive the fewest number of miles, and to get the right tech to the customer.

Automobile Transport

Cars on auto tarnsporter

Automobile transport is more than just delivering vehicles from the tail of the trailer. They also have to fit and the usually only smaller vehicles can be loaded up front. A large logistics company needed to deliver vehicles from auctions to regional dealers and we needed to figure out to make sure all the vehicles fit and were delivered in an efficient manner.

From the blog: Trip Planning For Vehicle Delivery

Beverage/Snack/Water Delivery

Water delivery service

Beverage and snack delivery is usually done with fixed route schedules. These routes do not require any daily reorganization, but do require that routes be rebalanced from time to time. Automated processes are used to ensure that the newly created routes minimize the drive time bewtenn stops.

From the blog: Scheduling Water Delivery Routes

Chain Store Maintenance

Grocery store refrigerators

A regional grocery chain needed to schedule technicians to maintain and repair refrigeration and other deevices in their stores. By using a scheduling and dispatching application they were able to plan maintenance and non-critical repair work and then change the schedule when emergency repair work was required.

From the blog: Scheduling Chain Store Maintenance Crews

Chemical Product Distributors

Chemical products in warehouse to be delivered

A large chemical product company needed to provide excellent service by allowing their customers to place orders until late in the day. An automated routing and scheduling application dramatically reduced route planning time, allowing the orders to be staged earlier in the evening for next day delivery.

Commercial GPS Providers

GPS pins showing vehicle tracking

Commercial GPS providers always deal with a high churn rate; that is, customers lost each month that need to be replaced just to keep even. Integrating route optimization products give the GPS provider a way to keep customers from leaving.

Custom Window Installers

Home construction new windows

A regional custom windows installer needed to reduce the time needed to schedule deliveries for both new home construction and existing homes being upgraded.

From the blog: Home Construction Window Installation Planning

Electronics Installation and Repair

Technicians installing large screen TV

Those large television panels from the big box store usually need installation by trained technicians. Not only are they large and heavy, but there is usually work needed to make all the remotes work correctly as well. A national electronics and computer installation and repair company needed a way to effectively schedule franchised technicians and chose a scheduling and dispatching application to do so.

Equipment Rental

Technicians installing large screen TV

A large equipment rental company was looking for a complete solution to assign vehicles to deliver and pickup equipment to customers on a timely basis and to track the progress of each vehicle throughout the day. This required a custom interface between their business system and the routing system. It also required an interface with both a handheld terminal provider and a GPS provider.

Food Wholesalers

Food products in warehouse to be delivered

A food wholesaler distributed to small and medium sized independent grocery stores and large institutions. By servicing smaller businesses, their trucks had to make several stops on each trip. Automated route planning reduced the time needed to plan the routes considering the capacity of each truck. And the routes were designed to reduce driving costs, as well.

From the blog: Effective Route Planning For Independent Grocers

Freight Brokers

Trailer being loaded with pallets

A freight broker needed a system to determine the lowest cost routes to ship suppliments from a printing plant to regional newspapers. Once the best routes were know, they could bid on the job and ensure maximum profitability.

Furniture and Appliance Stores

Drivers delivering furniture from back of truck

Furniture and appliance stores must ensure that all order must fit on the truck and that there is sufficient room to pickup good being returned for disposal. Custom rules were provided to not schedule deliveries with pickups until there was sufficient room both to pickup the goods and leave enough room to easily make subsequent deliveries.

Gas Cylinder Distribution

Technicians installing large screen TV

A major distributor of gas cylinders to industry and medical facilities needed a way to reduce delivery costs. An automated solution was shown that could do this and reduce the route planning time, as well.

Generic Drug Manufacturers

Drug manufacturing production line

A large manufacturer of generic drugs delivered pallets of goods to regional distribution centers for retail chains. They needed an automated solution to reduce delivery costs and ensure that all trucks would meet their safety standard of returning home by Friday night.

High Value Products

High value casket

Many products have a high value and require special handling. From computer components to caskets (which are treated as specialized furniture), care must be taken to ensure that the goods on the trucks are delivered without any damage. An automated system was used to schedule the multiple stop trips to do this.

Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers

Custom kitchen cabinets

A regional manufacturer of custom kitchen cabinets needed to schedule multiple deliveries every day for both new home construction and remodeling.

Laundry Services

Inside a commercial laundry facility

Like snack and beverage delivery, laundry routes are built on some frequency and then used over and over again until the routes need to be rebalanced.

LTL Trucking

Truck on way to delivery

Less than truckload transportation includes both delivering goods from a terminal and picking up good to bring back. Special rules, like "don't start pickups until all deliveries are made" were implemented.

From the blog: Route Planning for LTL Operations Using AI Assignment

Meals Delivery

Nonprofit meals delivered

A large urban non-profit needed a system to schedule daily food deliveries to their clients. As a non-profit, they were very interested in doing the deliveries in the most efficient manner and preparing the routes with the least amount of time spent.

Oil/Propane Product Delivery

Inside a commercial laundry facility

The most common issues with scheduling oil and propane deliveries is that the truck does not always hold enough product for the entire day, and that the best place to reload may not always be the route starting location.

From the blog: Optimizing Propane and Fuel Delivery Routes

Pest Control

Inside a commercial laundry facility

Most pest control companies have the same problem: there is a mix of regularly scheduled work and the need to have some unallocated time to do emergency work for both existing and new customers.

From the blog: Daily Route Planning and Scheduling for Pest Control Technicians

Plumbing/HVAC Contractors

Plumbing technician at work

Plumbing and HVAC contractors need to schedule work in such a way to reduce non-billable time spent behind the wheel and to have a tech with the right skill sent to customer's location.

Restaurant Service

Cooking potatoes in restaurant

Restaurants need more than food for their operations. One service is the delivery of new fry oil and the picking up of the expended product. In addition to a normal schedule, the provider also has to handle emergency deliveries and needs to change ths next day schedule when an emergency has caused schedule disruption.

Seafood/Meat/Produce Distributors

Seafood distribution

A regional seafood distributor needed a way to make daily deliveries to restaurants and local stores in a more efficient manner. Both meat and produce distributors face the same problem: delivering a quality product on time even when the amount being delivered changes from day to day.

System Integrators

Systems integration image

At times, outside vendors that are providing services to large companies may need to add a vehicle routing, schedule and dispatching module. In some cases, the plan is to use an API to pass data to and from the routing module. in other cases, both an API and interactive forms may be needed.

Third Party Logistics Providers

Third party logistics

Many third party logistics firms will choose the best routing, scheduling, dispatching and tracking application for their customers.

Utility Companies

Electric utility trucks at customer site

Utility companies, including phone, gas, electric and cable need to both make appointments for service and schedule emergency calls as well. An automated process allows the booking of appoinments in advance, leaving time each day to handle emergency calls.