Scheduling and Dispatching the Last Mile

Finding An Efficient Logistics Solution

Pallet being loaded for final delivery
Trailer loaded for last mile delivery
Trucks loading for delivery

A Faster Solution

One part of an efficient logistics solution for service technician or product delivery is reducing the time needed to develop the schedule.

  • Process automation allows many possible assignment combinations to be evaluated.
  • There is no one best solution, but multiple very good solutions can be found in a very short time.
  • With multiple very good solutions, the route planner can choose the starting point for manual changes, as needed.

A Better Solution

The other part of an efficient logistics solution is a schedule that maximizes work time while minimizing drive time.

  • Artificial intellegence is used to evaluate a very large number of possible scheduling solutuions.
  • Each possible solution is evaluated to determine the driving time and distance, which determines the overall cost.
  • Each solution also must pass non-cost tests, such as volume contraints and time windows.

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